Deputy Principalís Message


Current holder
The deputy Principal’s office is responsible for instilling discipline in Students. This is done in conjunction with the class teachers, boarding mistress and guidance and counseling department. The Student council also plays a major role in enhancing discipline in the fellow learners. Gelegele girls is driven by the passion for self – best and communal best in tandem with the school motto, “Strive for the best.”
The School has set rules and regulations that govern individual students conduct as well as inter personal relationships between the learners; staff members, the school community and the stake holders.
The School encourages and rewards self discipline where learners work without much supervision. Self discipline is defined as use of common sense.
Parents do play an important role in learners’ progression academically. My office invites parents to come up with the best solutions to a thorny issue of learners’ indiscipline. As part of the distribution indiscipline preventive strategy learners are to sign a bond of good behaviour witnessed by the parent or guardian.
We are on course to attain our school mission. To attain such goals we need to focus on Students ability to keep high level of discipline. Gelegele Girls has immense potential and we can unlock their potential with disciplined unity.

God Bless Jacaranda Girls Gelegele
Deputy Principal
2015 –