As the languages department, we sincerely appreciate the continued support. The administration has given us in boasting languages. To the members of the department, I highly appreciate you. To the students, I sincerely thank you for your struggle towards the development of languages, that is English and Kiswahili. Together we stand, divided we fall. So let’s all strive towards upholding the language policy to boost our performance in both English and Kiswahili.

The languages department is a very key department. We have participated in different activities this year. In the first term, we managed to attend a live stage performance of English and Kiswahili compulsory set books. In the second term, we also attended the performance for optional set books. We also attended the English and Kiswahili contest at Gorgor High School where we emerged position seven out of twelve schools in English and position Eight out of twelve schools in Kiswahili.

Though we celebrate our achievements we also have to look back and evaluate our performance. Our general performance in languages is average ranging from a mean grade of C – to C+. Success is never created overnight therefore we still have to grease our wheels so that we can take our grades to a higher level. Let’s work towards calculating a culture of speaking in English and Kiswahili all the time since English is the mother of al the subjects. Our performance in KCSE is as follows.

2013                    2014                       2015

ENG   4.32               5.6                        4.8

KIS   4.32                6.4                        4.24

To sum up, God is our guide. Depending on God in everything we plan to undertake is key to our success. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. And the greatest obstacles to progress is lack of self believe.

In the recent past, we witnessed marginalization against the girl Child especially in basic aspects like education. Our nation couldn’t even appreciate the leadership of a woman but thanks to the Almighty because He tells us that all people are equal and we are made in the likeness of God! In the fight against gender! I believe that what men can do women can do best. The consideration and indeed our dream has come true since educating a girl is educating the society. Girls have also proved to perform well in languages and even sciences, as opposed to the previous assumption that sciences are for boys.

Therefore it’s now out time to place moderation on the education of both boys and girls since it has also gone to an extent of creating biasness against the boy child. All Students should work towards achieving something at the end of their education has journey because education is the best provision for the journey to old age.

Indeed, there is life at the end of the tunnel since education has taken a greater part in our Children’s life. Children are busy in school until they are adults. Many people have realized the importance of education. Parents consider education of their studies seriously so that their parents struggle shouldn’t go into vain. To conclude, happiness keeps you sweet, trials make you strong, sorrows make you human, failure make you humble, success keeps you growing and God keeps you going.

May God bless you Gelegele Girls. May this year 2016 be a year of victory.


H.O.D languages

Faith Kemboi















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