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This union was formed by the pioneers group of 2013. The union had only, twenty members and three officials. Chairlady, Secretary and Treasurer. This was under the leadership of MS. Eddah Birir and Charles Ngetich who were the CU patron by then. In late May 2015 Mr. Rono Sylvester was appointed as the CU patron to date. The enrollment of members increased to eighty. Members have been increasing yearly as the form one join the school. The members have been attending rallies in schools that are within county and even across the county whenever they receive an invitation letter. They usually conduct the denomination on Sundays where quest who are pastors are invited to carry them through some moral lessons. On 12th May 2016 18 members had attended Rally meeting at Kilgoris Boys High School in Narok County. They were accompanied by their patron and two other teachers.

The main objectives of forming the union in Gelegele Girls was to promote Christianity among the learners and impart knowledge skills and moral values that enables them to fit well to the current society. The CU society has active choir team, worshippers, fellowships and ushers. Gelegele Girls is a God fearing school that instill the learners with different skills and make them develop upright within and even outside the school.

The school has been attaining a positive index in the National exams. This was achieved through the CU group that is training the students to be discipline. Our students are excelling in their academic since they are discipline and discipline is paramount to success.

The CU patron believes that when one is a true Christian has everything that he or she deserves and desire to achieve in life. CU will lead while others follow.




















When I say that I am a Christian

I am not shouting that I am a clean living.

I am whispering, I was lost but now I am found and forgiven



When I say that I am a Christian

I don’t speak of this with pride

I am confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide.


When I say that I am a Christian

I am not trying to be strong

I am professing that I am weak and need his strength to carry on


When I say that I am a Christian

I am not bragging of success.

I’m admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess.


When I say that I am a Christian

I’m not claiming to be perfect

My flaws are far too visible but God believe I am worth it.


When I say that I am a Christian

I still feel the sting of pain

I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His Name.


When I say that I am a Christian

I’m not holier than thou;

I’m just a simple human being who receive God’s good grace

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YCS has grown in heaps and bounds since the school was established on 2010. The society has been in a position to mentor the students in their catholic Faith through imparting of Christian values of friendship, purpose and hope; The motto of “See, Judge and Act” is entrenched in the ycsers in the school.

The group meets every Thursday evening and so far it has a population of about thirty five members spreads across the forms. On 4th June 2016 the group managed to attend St. Anthony’s collection day at LITEIN BOYS HIGH SCHOOL. The fourth formers also had an opportunity to attend and animate mass at Gelegele Catholic Church where they were blesses by Kaplomboi Parish priest Father Albert.

Y.C.S Officials are:

Chairperson                    Winny Chepngetich

Vice Chairperson           Sharon Chepkorir

Secretary                          Reginah Chepngetich

Treasurer                        Milka Cherotich

Patronized by:               Mr. Vincent Ngetich

                                           Mrs. Faith Korir


The ycs gets its inspiration from the lord and savior Jesus Christ, the teachings of the holy Catholic Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The ycs group appreciates the support of the Diocesan co –coordinating desk, the diocese of ycs chaptain Fr, Leornard Beth and the local Parish priest Fr. Albert. The school administration has also allowed the society to thrive.

May the Holy trinity, through the intercersion of our Blessed Virgin Mary in Union with the communion of saints bless our section.

      From the Patrons’ Desk

Mr. Vincent Ngetich                        Mrs. Faith Korir
















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