The school has grown to a great stride since its inception in 2010. They started with two permanent dormitories but currently we have five dormitories, three semi – permanent and two wooden.

The dormitories order is well kept at the hands of the five powerful dormitory secretaries. Thanks be to them.

These secretaries do a wonderful job in ensuring that the dormitory law and order is adhered to.

The girls have planted flowers around the dorms which are weeded weekly. The flower beds are also neatly kept.

As the saying goes “cleanliness is next to goodliness” the girls keeps the dormitory clean and tidy. The beds are always neatly spread. The beddings are also neat and presentable.

The girls mob the dormitories daily and do collection around the dormitory. Every Saturday we hold general cleanliness around the school and do inspection with the help of the capable student council. We give awards to the leading dormitory on Monday after giving out the results in the assembly. We hold a dorm assembly every Thursday where the girls get a chance of airing their dormitory issues and also grievances concerning the dormitory.

Thanks to the school administration for their support in ensuring that the girls are provided with everything they need at the dormitory including adequate water, Jembes, Rags e.t.c. would also want thank the matron for her hand in ensuring that the girls are in good health and the cooks for providing nutritious and healthy diet for our girls to grow.

Generally the atmosphere of the dormitories is sweet and the girls are a wonderful lot to be with. The Girl says that Gelegele Girls dormitories are the best place to be

Speaks: Madam Mercy Tangus



















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